Alberti Flea Circus
The Alberti Flea Circus, Alberti’s Street Organ Shows, and Professor Albert's Punch and Judy Puppet Show are family entertainment at its finest. Evolving from a traditional base, each of these shows has kept the age-old attraction while adapting to the needs of today’s venues.

Inside you will discover how the flea circus has expanded to embrace an audience of up to 500, how a 20-pipe street organ can bring music and laughter to your event, and how Punch and Judy can continue their outrageous antics without the violence often associated with these wonderful and timeless characters.

If your entertainment goals are to delight your audience, raise their curiosity, and get the attention of the media—without extra effort on your part, you have come to the right place. All of Alberti’s shows are self-contained, unique and readily adaptable to your needs. Follow the links to find out more. Thanks for stopping by. (Hit the reload button if the fleas stop jumping.)

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