Alberti’s Shows

Professor Albert’s Punch and Judy Puppet Show
The Punch and Judy Puppet Show is a fun-filled family friendly version of this 400-year old beloved puppet show. The stage is traditional, the puppets are hand-carved, and Mr. Punch is still his blustering, impulsive, irresponsible self but, in keeping with modern sensibilities, there is no killing the baby nor hitting Judy. Instead the show is a game of wits between Mr. Punch and Toby, the dog, with Judy, Joey the Clown, Jack Ketch (who has become a dog catcher), and the crocodile all joining in the fun.

Workshops for Children and Teachers
When Jim Alberti is not at fairs and festivals he is available to teach a variety of age-appropriate programs at day cares, after-school programs, libraries, and recreation departments. Among these are the Imagination Workshop and Magic for Muggles.