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The Alberti Flea Circus

The flea circus is an almost legendary part of fair and festival entertainment, with a history going back well over one hundred years. The Alberti Flea Circus capitalizes on that history with a self-contained trailer-mounted stage and an old-time banner line. Alberti has up-dated the flea circus so that crowds as large as 500 can "see" these delightful performers, including Paddy O’Reilly Shaughnessy who waves an Irish Flag, Captain Spaulding who is shot from a cannon, and the daring diving bikini clad Dardenell who does the traditional flea circus high dive. As the children in the audience encourage and cheer the fleas, help with their props, and even provide the musical cues for their "incredible feats," the contagious energy and enthusiasm soon establishes the Alberti Flea Circus as a "must see" entertainment at the fair. While nearly everyone has heard, and joked, about flea circuses, few have had the opportunity to actually experience one. The concept of a "real" flea circus not only attracts the attention of the media (a big advantage for the fair) but also captivates the crowd.

To learn more about this wonderful, unique, and highly successful grounds attraction, read a few of the many newspaper articles and letters written about us.

Flea Circus Performance

Flea Circus Sideshow