Frederic and Felicity, a Symbol of Eternal Love

Frederic and Felicity, international stars of the flea circus world, have joined the Alberti Flea Circus.

Coming originally from Mexico, they separately joined a Canadian Flea Circus and almost immediately became star performers—Frederic with feats of strength and Felicity on the trapeze.

It was inevitable that they would become attracted to one another. However, their contracts contained a non-fraternization clause, so they left the flea circus to begin their own show. They eventually returned to the Americas, touring both North and South America to acclaim.

Before their death more than 100 years ago, they made arrangements for their bodies to be preserved and dressed once more in their wedding clothes to tour again as a symbol of everlasting love.

The Alberti Flea Circus is honored to bring them “to life” again in a display they would be proud of.

To learn more about the history of dressed fleas, just do a google search.

Photo by Mike Lane. The photo shows the size of Frederic and Felicity in relationship to a penny. The photo has been enlarged so you can see the fleas without a magnifying glass.